Protecting a retail business requires a multi-faceted approach to security. The most basic level of protection is an intrusion alarm to deter external threats that occur when your business is closed. Unfortunately, you also have to protect your business from theft by employees during business hours.

Security systems installed by SecuSmart not only provide these aspects of protection, but they also include tools that help you better manage your business. With a cellular or network connection to your alarm system, you can receive phone or email alerts to let you know that there is an alarm or that your system has been turned on or off. This information gives you confirmation that your business has been opened on time. You will also know that the business wasn't closed early and that your security was armed at the end of the day.

Especially in retail where many young and short-time employees are employed, you need a system that is simple to operate. We can provide security systems that are easy to arm and disarm, and that can include user codes, keycards, fobs or other credentials. Simplicity not only ensures that your employees will use the system, but also reduces the potential for false alarms.

Video surveillance is an especially powerful tool in retail settings. It provides a strong deterrent to theft and provides the visual documentation to prosecute the perpetrators. Video capability can be easily integrated with intrusion, fire and even access control to provide a more cost-effective single solution to all of your security needs. Having one system serve multiple purposes also adds simplicity.

SecuSmart can provide systems that enable retail operators to better protect and manage your business and provide an easily calculated return on your security investment.

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