Financial institutions were probably the original adopter of electronic security measures. The fact that banks present such high-value targets for criminals makes security a critical need.

Protecting the cash contained in drawers and vaults from robbery is only one component of your security needs; you also need to deter theft by employees. Beyond the cash, you need to safeguard other valuables, information, assets and the physical premises. A security system also provides protection for your customers and employees.

Almost every bank and branch office also includes video to provide the documentation needed to identify and prosecute robbers. Many systems incorporate access control technology to better control and monitor the movement of employees around the facility.

Fire alarms are also required in every financial facility. The fire system may be separate from the burglary and other security systems, but it is often more economical and effective as part of an integrated system that combines all elements into a unified protection system.

While the bulk of your electronic-security measures won’t be visible or apparent to your customers, some physical elements are readily visible. The simple presence of these measures provides your customers with a sense of increased confidence in the security of your institution and in the safety of their deposits.

The complete range of security solutions available from SecuSmart enables us to design and install all the technology needed to protect your site. Our ability to provide network and wireless solutions are especially useful when developing a comprehensive security strategy for financial institutions with multiple branches and ATMs. Regardless of the size of your facility or network, SecuSmart is ready to develop an effective and affordable security solution.

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