Government facilities face special threats. Individuals who are angry or disagree with government policies and activities increasingly express themselves through violent attacks on government buildings.

Another unique aspect of securing government facilities is the need to secure the confidential citizen records and documents on site.

Making the job of protection more difficult is the fact that citizens expect to have ready access to government facilities. Closing them to the public is not an option. Citizens have the right to access these buildings and interact with politicians and other government officials.

Security officials specifying the technology and features for their systems typically combine intrusion with video surveillance. Access control features also are frequently added to limit access to designated areas only by authorized individuals while preventing the general public from entering them.

Multi-level protection and control can be incorporated by relying on a combination of user codes, keycards, fobs, biometrics or other credentials. The AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption method incorporated in some of our systems makes them ideal for even the highest security installations.

Strong forward and backward compatibility provides a greater return on investment by ensuring that the system installed today will be upgradeable and compatible with future additions or enhancements. We can design your system to control the initial capital cost, minimize ongoing operating costs, and provide the greatest return on investment.

Government officials face unique challenges when protecting their facilities. SecuSmart offers unique, cost-effective solutions to meet those challenges.

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